Sunday, 6 March 2011

In Death You Will Hear Me...

Alot of thought is put into funeral songs and when they are played at a funeral they always take on a new meaning, and the lyrics usually remind you of that person and what they were like. However, when people just choose songs because they would sound 'cool' or 'the person sort of liked it', it irritates me. When i listen to a song i listen to what it means and what it is trying to say to me as the music and lyrics have to be one and have to compliment eachother. So it seems reasonable that if you play a song at a persons funeral it must also compliment and be harmonious with the person who it is being played so that you can remember them by it. It has to be a song that when it comes on the radio it reminds you straight away of that person,and not just the funeral day, but what that person was like in everyday life. If it doesn't do that, the wrong choice has been made.

For my funeral song i chose 'The Point of No Return' from Phantom of the Opera. It is my favourite all time film and show and everyone who knows me, will know that this is my favourite song from the show. The title is pretty fitting, but the lyrics explain how death is just another journey and there is no turning back, but also points out that its the end of everything. My biggest fear is death, its unavoidable, but its the unknown. This song speculates about what happens 'past the point of no return.' Also because its a duet, if i had a husband/ partner and he died before me, then it suggests that i will rejoin him in another life.

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